The fears and love of Teaching

Thinking through the reading from Sarah Heel thought, and others post on authenticate self-teaching I realize that there are similarities in the thought on how authentic self-teaching should be.  I have little experience in teaching, more reason why I applied for this course, I just want to see if this passion I have carried for a long time is actually meant for me. Teaching has always been my passion, but I just feel I needed the right mentoring and guidance. I have had little teaching experience in the past, and I would say my thought was quite similar to what others had mentioned in class the only difference was the country and race.

I had the opportunity to tutor high school graduate aspiring and preparing to gain admission into the higher institution in my home country Nigeria. I taught them mathematics and biology, my experience with them was quite funny and familiar too. Some of the students were so grown and were entirely my age, and the fact I look younger than my age made me worrisome of how they will relate with me. 

My first-day teaching was really terrible because I could read their facial expression. I saw the curiousness on faces which I interpreted as doubt of what I have to deliver to them. Those looks made so nervous, but I got my nerves calm as soon as the Tutorial head came to my rescue, giving me the charge to send out any student not willing to pay attention to my teaching. These changed over time and they respected me after they discovered what I have to deliver to them was what they needed.

I have not done any teaching since then, however, starting my master’s program in the US as broadened my knowledge on the best way to teach. The class I TA has being a training ground for me, and I have been observing my professor, though I don’t intend to do exactly like him, I would be myself and make sure the primary goal is achieved, which is to ensure that engaging learning experience by both I and my student. In summary, I have these mix feelings of fears of not engaging my student and the love that I am actually following my passion.



One thought on “The fears and love of Teaching”

  1. I think being a TA is a great learning experience. As you noted, you do not always want to do everything the same, but that is a great learning experience, too. It is about figuring out your path and your preferences.

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